Sonia got a buyer and closed the sale in a short time. She is very professional. 

~ Land Seller Closed May '19

Definitely recommend! My parents have been working with her for many years and now that I grew up it was my turn to make my first big purchase! No complaints from me. She made the process of buying a property very easy 

~ Land Buyer Closed Oct '19

Customer did not leave review comments. 

~ Land Seller Closed Nov '19

Muy profecional

~ House Seller Closed Oct '19

Sonia represented a corporation on this transaction. 

~ House Seller Closed Apr '19

She is very honest and professional. 

~ House Buyer Closed Nov '19

Customer did not leave review comments. 

~ House Buyer Closed Apr '19

Professional, patient, and hardworking. Sonia was involved from start to finish and made our transaction much easier. She will always do what is best for your needs. Highly recommended! 

~ House Seller Closed Jan '19

 She did a very good job. She explained everything really good. She always answered my questions and phone calls. 

~ House Buyer Closed Jul '19

Customer did not leave review comments. 

~ House Seller Closed Apr '19

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